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In a typical year, we must raise $300,000 to bridge the gap in funding between the cost of essential heath care services for our neighbors in need and the funding received for them. 

Traverse Health Clinic continues to care for the most vulnerable in our community We still urgently need your generosity to provide our patients trusted, health care. 

No one should go without health care, regardless of their financial circumstances. We do not turn anyone away if they cannot pay. EverYour gift makes all the difference to the people we care for, both within the walls of our facility and out in our community with our Mobile Medical Unit (MMU). 

When no one's health gets left behind, we create a healthier community for all of us who make this place our home. 


Opening Doors & Overcoming Barriers

Traverse Health Clinic serves roughly 4,000 patients each year, providing close to 16,000 primary care and behavioral health visits. That's an increase of nearly 40% in the number of people we serve since we moved into our current facility in 2016. 

You have an opportunity to make an impact. We will make your gift work hard for those we serve. Thank you!

If you have questions about a gift, please call our Development Office at 231-642-5895.