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Donor Impact Stories

Real People. Real Stories. Real Difference.


Cat’s key to: Peace of mind

“Counseling saved my life.”

If they hadn’t seen me that day, I wouldn’t be alive. I knew I needed help, but when I reached my breaking point I could only think of one place to turn.  I showed up at the door with no appointment, only a sliver of hope. Recognizing the severity of my situation, Traverse Health connected me to a counselor right away.

I was at the very end. That moment changed my life.

Lorraine's key to: Giving Back

“My donation matters.”

Traverse Health helps to direct, guide and support good health. One of the greatest things is that you know exactly where your money is going—the communication is great and I appreciate that as a donor.

In giving to Traverse Health, we have an opportunity to have a positive impact on people that might never had access to health services before.


Deb’s key to: Understanding healthcare

“They make healthcare simple.”

When I first heard about Traverse Health I was working at a greenhouse.  A co-worker told me where she went for affordable care.  I am so pleased I came.  The staff are so knowledgeable and concerned about me.

They took the time to ask questions and made sure they answered all of mine.  When Healthy Michigan enrollment began, I was apprehensive—I didn’t know how the whole thing worked.  The staff at Traverse Health put my mind at ease and helped me sign up.