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Sliding Fee Scale

Sliding Fee Scale

Your path to health and wellness starts here! It is our mission to ensure that high quality health care is accessible to everyone in our community. Traverse Health Clinic is proud to provide both primary care and behavioral health services on a sliding fee scale to patients with qualifying household incomes. We review our sliding fee scale on a regular basis so that no one’s health gets left behind.  If your income does not qualify for a sliding fee scale discount, please ask us about a payment plan. No one is ever turned away because they can't pay. 

Our Sliding Fee Scale allows us to lower or “slide” the fees for the care you or your family receive at Traverse Health Clinic. You can apply for the program if you do not have insurance or if you have health insurance but you need help paying your plan’s out-of-pocket costs. If you have insurance and qualify for our sliding fee scale, you will be charged your copay OR the reduced fee, whichever is less.

Your eligibility for our Sliding Fee Scale is based on two factors:

  1. The number of people are in your household
  2. Your total household income (pre-tax)

If you qualify for our Sliding Fee Scale, you will pay the nominal fee listed for your household size and income category in the Sliding Fee Scale table. The table is also available in SpanishYou can get an additional 20% discount if you pay in full for your appointment on the day of service. 




Persons in family   according to    tax return

Patient pays $10     if family annual income is at or below 100% FPL Patient pays $15 if family annual income is at or below 150% FPL Patient pays $20 if family annual income is at or below 175% FPL Patient pays $25 if family annual income is at or below 200% FPL Patient pays 100% of charges if family annual income is greater than 200% FPL
  100% Federal Poverty Level 150% FPL 175% FPL 200% FPL Income MORE than


$14,580 $21,870 $25,515 $29,160 $29,160


$29,580 $34,510 $39,440 $39,440
3 $24,860 $37,290 $43,505 $49,720




$45,000 $52,500 $60,000 $60,000


$52,710 $61,495 $70,280 $70,280


$60,420 $70,490 $80,560 $80,560


$68,130 $79,485 $90,840 $90,840


$75,840 $88,480 $101,120 $101,120
For each additional family member add: $5,140 $7,710 $8,995 $10,280  

NOTICE TO PATIENTS: This practice serves all patients regardless of inability to pay. Discounts for essential services are offered based on your family size & income.

How to Apply

  1. To speak with our Enrollment & Eligibility Specialist, please call (231) 642-5989
  2. Download and complete our Sliding Fee Scale Screening Application
  3. If your screening application indicates you could be eligible, you will need to provide proof of income for yourself (and spouse if applicable). 
    At minimum, you will need your pay stubs from any employment for the last 3 months. Please refer to the Sliding Fee Scale application form for complete income verification guidelines.
  4. Page 1 & 2 of your federal tax return (to determine household size).

If you or members of your household also require services from Munson Healthcare, their number for assistance is (231) 935-7062.