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Recovery Program


Traverse Health Clinic offers a comprehensive "whole person" Recovery Program for adults experiencing drug or alcohol addiction. We will work with you on your own, unique path to recovery. 

Our individually-tailored Recovery Program integrates:

  • Care for your overall physical health, including chronic and short-term health issues. 
  • Behavioral Health interventions, including individual and/or group counseling.
  • Help with other aspects of daily life, such as transportation, employment, and nutrition.

As a patient at Traverse Health Clinic, your Recovery Program team includes:

  • A Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor as your therapist, providing individual and/or group counseling;
  • A Nurse Care Manager to oversee your individualized care plan which includes help with other aspects of life such as employment, proper nutrition and transportation;
  • A Peer Recovery Coach to help you access community-based services and work with you and your family to navigate sobriety; and
  • A Primary Care Provider who will prescribe your MAT medication and help you manage other chronic or short-term health problems you may be facing.
  • You. Your individualized care plan will reflect you, your values, and your health priorities.

Our team-based approach brings together a spectrum of treatment services from a dedicated team of professionals, all under one roof.

If you are interested in our Recovery Program, please complete this brief form. 

After completing the form, one of our Behavioral Health team members will follow up with you in 1 to 2 business days. 


One piece of our Recovery Program is called Medication-Assisted Treatment or “MAT”. The FDA-approved medication prescribed in MAT works by blocking the physiological effects of opioids or alcohol, reducing the impulse or craving to use them. In combination with the counseling that goes along with it, MAT helps patients achieve and maintain recovery and lowers the risk of relapse.


Traverse Health Clinic is a Michigan Department of Health and Human Services designated Opioid Health Home (OHH) provider.  An Opioid Health Home is not a residence or a place to live. It is a comprehensive program of care management and coordinated services to Medicaid beneficiaries (including Healthy Michigan Plan) with an opioid use disorder who also have or are at risk of developing another chronic condition, such as anxiety, asthma, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or tobacco or alcohol use disorder.

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