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Group Therapy

We offer several therapy groups, each with a unique approach and specific focus. These groups meet weekly and are lead by one of our licensed therapists. Depending on your plan, group therapy may be covered by your insurance. 

Toni Hernalsteen, LMSW leads Living Skills Personal Growth on Wednesday afternoons. This is a curriculum-based group that covers the internal skills you need to be a positive community member including values and responsibilities, interpersonal skills, refusal skills, making decisions, setting and attaining goals, and parenting and child development.

Jill Strahan, LMSW, 200RYT leads our Yoga Infused Therapy Group on Monday evenings. Jill takes participants through a series of postures, guided meditation, breathing techniques and group discussion. Perfect for beginners and open to all adults, this group aims to help you develop a deeper connection with your mind, body, and spirit.


Our Behavioral Health team is gearing up to offer Trauma Recovery and Empowerment (TREM) and Trauma Recovery and Empowerment for men (M-TREM) groups to help people struggling with issues like PTSD, depression, or substance abuse deal with unresolved trauma. These gender-specific groups emphasize coping skills and social support to help women and men heal and have healthier relationships.