Our vision is to be a Community Health Center that


  • Improves the health and wellness of our community,
  • Maintains high quality, satisfaction and operational results through a professional integrated team approach,
  • Creates access to a medical home that promotes prevention and continuity of care,
  • Maintains strong collaboration with other community providers and organizations, and,
  • Is recognized and supported throughout the community.



Community Responsibility – encouraging collaboration and individual initiative to improve health care access.

We are responsible, as community members, to both directly expand availability of care and encourage community participation in innovative programs that assist people to gain access to health care services.  With improved health, individuals have the opportunity to develop increased personal responsibility and independence as productive residents of our community.

Access to Health Care Services is a Necessity – fostering availability of services essential to good health.

Health services are essential to establishing and maintaining health, and preventing injury and untimely death.  These services need to be available to all people regardless of ability to pay.

Respect and Dignity – honoring the value and uniqueness of each person.

All persons deserve to be treated with dignity and acknowledged as having intrinsic worth separate from any financial or social status.  Differences among individuals are acknowledged and honored.  We model a spirit of kindness and integrity to others and ourselves.

Excellence – committing to quality, caring and sensitivity.

Services and programs are designed and delivered based on the highest standards in all aspects – clinical, support and personal.  All activities reflect the attributes of esteem toward others, emphasizing compassion, concern and sensitivity for all.

Stewardship – utilizing resources prudently and creatively generating support across the community.

We are responsible for the wise use of resources and are committed to actively seeking resources and fostering support to meet future needs as well.