About Us

thc-pic-aboutWhat we do.

Traverse Health Clinic provides primary care services at our on-site clinic in Traverse City to anybody who comes to us.


For those who meet specific criteria, we also offer access to a broad community network of donated primary and specialty care services, dental and vision care, mental health services, medications and outpatient hospital services.


Who we serve.
Traverse Health Clinic provides primary care to all individuals who come to us.  While the majority of our patients are uninsured, we also serve a growing number of Medicaid and Medicare enrollees.  Some people now come to us with some insurance coverage.  We serve all ages, from children to seniors.


The important thing is that we strive to eliminate barriers to care for all, and to provide access to care for all who need it.


How we operate
Traverse Health Clinic is a non-profit 501(c)3 that is largely dependent upon the private sector for support, with gifts and grants from individuals, foundations and corporations.  Learn more about how you can be a supporter of the Traverse Health Clinic in our Donation Section.


In compliance with the Internal Revenue Service requirements, Traverse Health Clinic files a form 990 annually.  This form is available at the business office.  For further information please call 231-935-0799.